As a business owner, leader or manager, you are a crucial part of the team. Without you, projects would lack structure and strategy. It’s the nature of the role. However, behind every successful team also lies a network of great employees who require the right support and resources to work to their full potential. Cogs in the machine, if you like and they need to be well-oiled in order to work.

Should staff feel like they haven’t got access to sufficient support and resources, this is when we begin to see cracks in concentration, dips in productivity and a lack of motivation which can be detrimental to your bottom line of business.

Reasons to explain demotivation in the workplace Why are your staff demotivated

So, presumably, you’ve stumbled across this article because you’re a business owner or team leader of some sort with a workforce who are showing some of the symptoms mentioned above.

Well keep reading to find out exactly what we mean by sufficient support and resource to answer the question of why your staff might not be motivated…

You aren’t trusting them with enough responsibility

It’s in our nature as humans to thrive off a challenge. Without this, motivation levels can suffer significantly and staff can feel like they’re stagnating in their roles. Make sure you’re enabling employees to utilise their full skill set and develop professionally to keep engagement and motivation high.

There is a lack of flexibility

As the traditional 9-5 continues to rapidly decline and personal lives become more closely integrated with professional lives, flexible working is a hot commodity. If you don’t permit things like flexible hours and working from home, this could leave your staff feeling down in the dumps and extremely demotivated.

An unrealistic workload with little reward

One of the most common reasons for staff demotivation is a set of unattainable targets or a to-do list that they don’t stand a chance of completing in time. You might see this as aiming high and surpassing expectations that clients or seniors may be applying to you, but setting unrealistic goals will only set staff up for failure and a lack of motivation.

They’re feeling a little neglected

While you don’t want to be over controlling or guilty of micro-management, you also don’t want your employees feeling like they aren’t getting enough of your time. Staff look up to leaders for direction and a boost in team morale which is instrumental in individual motivation levels.

Understandably, you’ll probably be dealing with a pretty hectic schedule but it’s essential to factor in time to listen to your staff, hear their ideas, be sympathetic to their problems and demonstrate that you’re taking the right action.

Bookkeeping and accounting can be some of the most time-consuming tasks for a business owner, which could mean you’re not focusing on your staff enough. If you think this might be the case, get in touch with one of our experts or get your free quote to see how we can help take a weight off your shoulders.