Last year, we shared our What Small Business Owners Can Learn From GBBO article which explored the lessons entrepreneurs can take from Channel4’s Great British Bake Off reality TV show.

These valuable pearls of wisdom included avoiding soggy foundations, doing all you can to ensure no dirt is dished on you in the digital world, and not always treating your competition as the enemy.

In this next instalment of tangible links between rubbish reality television and entrepreneurialism, we look at what small business owners can learn from ITV’s most controversial offering: Love Island.

For those who don’t know (because sadly, some of us do) Love Island is a reality show which sees various Instagram-famous hotshots, sculpted gym bunnies and many of Essex’s Z-list glitterati dumped on an island. Well, in a luxury villa actually where they go through the various motions of coupling and re-coupling with the aim of finding love.

Tragic, we know but look beyond the superficial surface, bad grammar and blinding veneers and there are some things small businesses can learn from. Bear with us…

Not everything is what it appears to be on the surfaceLove Island

As new contestants join the show, they prance onto the screen looking like they’ve just walked straight out of the salon.

Perfectly coiffed hair, more make up than a John Lewis concession counter and styled right down to the toenails. Flash forward to the next episode and there they are looking decidedly less glamourous than they did the day before.

What does this teach us? That looks really can be deceiving so you should get to know a person or situation well before making any decisions based on your judgements. This could be a new business partner, a new office premises or a new recruit, just to name a few examples.

Someone is always ready to tread on your toes if you let them

It might be ‘muggy’ and you might end up wounded but if you’ve got a good thing going on, there will always be somebody ready and waiting to catch the ball if you drop it.

Girlfriends and boyfriends get poached left, right and centre on Love Island and the same will happen with your customers if you don’t work hard to retain them.

Absolutely nobody likes feeling like they’re second best

A recent episode showed a young man called Wallace getting ‘binned off’ by Rebecca after he made her avocado on toast, despite Rebecca previously expressing her dislike of avocado. Wallace’s mistake? Not listening to what his target audience wants and then delivering something unsatisfactory as a result.

You can see how you might end up in Wallace’s position too if you don’t listen to what your customers want and supply the demand.

No amount of money spent on appearance can disguise something ugly beneath

You can pour every penny you have into the visual aspects of something but if the core is bad, the truth will always prevail.

In terms of Love Island, we’re comparing physical appearance with personality. In the world of business, we’re talking about what your brand looks like to the outside world and how it actually operates. Your branding must always be in line with your ethos and values.

Please don’t judge our skills as qualified accountants with decade’s worth of experience in the industry by our embarrassing knowledge of Love Island.

We promise we’re very intelligent professionals who know what they’re doing and if you need any reassurance, just give us a call on 020 3355 4047 or email so we can prove it.