Repeat customers are one of a business’s most important assets. Getting new customers is great and should always be one of your top priorities but keeping them ensures more consistent profits. Customer retention is cheaper and more cost effective than customer acquisition.

So here are some ways to encourage your existing customers to keep coming back.

Ensure fast responsesCustomer Retention

Nowadays people expect quick responses to everything, so as a modern business you can’t afford to let this be your weak point.

People always have questions, complaints or even compliments to give. A fast and helpful response to each of these is appreciated and can often defuse the situation in the event of a complaint.

Reward loyalty

Lots of businesses out there compete for customer loyalty in different ways so customers are often spoilt for choice. How do you show you appreciate their loyalty? Some people go with loyalty cards, for example Superdrug’s Beautycard allows regular shoppers to collect points they can spend in store. Others reward newsletter subscribers with exclusive deals and discounts on future purchases.

Regular offers

Special offers are a great way to lure new customers in but, depending on your industry, they might find someone else with better offers unless you keep it up. That’s not to say you have to be like DFS with their never-ending special offers, but having offers around Christmas, Easter or the summer holidays could go a long way in keeping customers happy.

As it’s easier than ever to shop around for the best deals, using regular offers can help you stand out from the competition. People will associate you with getting value for money and they’ll keep coming back as a result.

Listen to your customers

Rather than ignoring complaints or simply replying with a “sorry”, listen to what they’re saying. If you’re getting the same things coming up then it’s worth making some changes.

This could be in the form of a new feature or returns policy. Customers who feel like they’re being listened to will feel valued and will be more likely to come back in the future.

Ask for feedback

Similar to the point above, people like to know they’re being heard and their opinions are being considered. Ask for feedback, good or bad, not just to bump your ratings online but also to see what’s working and what’s not.

Remind people you exist

We’re not talking about bombarding your customers every five minutes. However, a gentle push can increase your chance of a customer returning.

Send an email to your mailing list or a Tweet about a recent event or public holiday. Make sure the recipient is getting something out of going to your website, like a deal or finding out about new product releases.

It could be just the thing to encourage someone to make a purchase. You want to make buying as easy as possible for them so sometimes going to them instead of waiting for them to come to you is the best approach. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it to the point where you’re putting customers off.


How do you keep customers coming back? Have you ever struggled with customer retention? Let us know your thoughts below.